The Research Centre (RC) “Regional and Global Development” (REGLO) is a non-profit organization, registered in 1991 (Decision № 1 of the Sofia City Court on 03.16.1991). It brings together individuals engaged in research, teaching and applied activities in the field of sociology.

Founder of RC REGLO is Prof Dr.Sc. Nikolai Genov



To be a leading centre for expert discussion and advanced research on socially significant problems on the national, regional and global level and contribute to making informed decision-making in response to the challenges of contemporary social development.



  • Management of social transformation;
  • National, regional and global security challenges;
  • Individual and institutional strategies for managing social risks;
  • Social mobility, labour market and social policy;
  • Technological renovation and organizational innovation;
  • Education, science and innovation;
  • Changes in cultural orientations and behaviour;
  • Ecology and environmental policy;
  • Interethnic and interfaith relations.



RC “Regional and Global Development” has the following main objectives:

  • To contribute to the development of sociological theory, empirical sociological research, teaching, practical application and popularization of sociological knowledge and the rise of the public prestige of sociology;
  • To contribute to the development and promotion of democratic values, civil society, education, science and culture;
  • To represent its members towards the state and its institutions to political, economic and public organizations and to promote the development of the Bulgarian society;
  • To represent their members abroad.


TO ACHIEVE ITS OBJECTIVES RC REGLO performs the following tasks:

  • Organizes and conducts research projects, congresses, conferences, symposia, colloquia, discussions, seminars, lectures, courses, consultations, etc.;
  • Draws the attention of the public, government bodies and other organizations on social problems and contradictions and expresses the opinion of its members in the preparation of regulations and other socially important decisions;
  • Participate in the activities of national and international organizations.


The RC REGLO can perform additional commercial activity such as:

  • Publishing;
  • Educational & training courses, information and consultancy services;
  • Commercially oriented empirical sociological surveys and projects
  • To acquire and rent movable and immovable property, copyrights and other protected intellectual property products.


Governing Council

Prof. Dr.Sc. Yantsislav Yanakiev – Chair

Prof. Dr.Sc. Nikolai Genov – Vice chair

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sasha Todorova